How to Reset Steering Wheel Clock Spring

WARNING: Incorrect centralization may result in premature component failure. If in doubt when centralizing the clockspring, repeat the centralizing procedure. Failure to follow this instruction may result in personal injury.

CAUTION: Make sure the road wheels are in the straight-ahead position.

NOTE: If a clockspring has rotated out of center, follow through with this step.

Centralize the clockspring.

1. Hold the clockspring outer housing stationary.

2. Depress the clockspring locking tab to release the rotor.

3. CAUTION: Overturning will destroy the clockspring. The internal ribbon wire acts as the stop and can be broken from its internal connection.
While holding the clockspring locking tab in the released position, turn the rotor counterclockwise, carefully feeling for the ribbon wire to run out of length and a slight resistance to be felt. Stop turning at this point.

4. While holding the clockspring locking tab in the released position, turn the clockspring clockwise approximately 2.25 turns. This is the center point of the clockspring.

Release the clockspring locking tab. Do not allow the rotor to turn from this position.

Steering Wheel Clock Spring Removal

Easy to follow step by step guide on how to replace an automotive steering wheel
clock spring assembly, though appearances may vary the process is similar for most

Difficulty Level – 5 of 10

Tools and Supplies Needed

  • Mechanics tool set
  • Protective eye wear
  • Protective gloves

Begin with the vehicle on level ground in park with the emergency brake set,
engine “OFF”.

Step 1 – Start by removing the negative battery cable end to help prevent
electrical short circuits while the job is being done. Please visit our
battery cable removal
guide for further instructions.

Disconnect Battery
Step 2 – Next, the steering wheel airbag must be removed, please visit
our airbag
removal guide for further instructions.

Airbag Removed
Step 3 – After the airbag has been removed the steering wheel is next,
please visit our
steering wheel
removal guide for further instructions.

Steering Wheel Removed

Step 4 – A clock spring unit is designed with a rap of wiring that is
meant to follow the steering wheel as its fully turned in each direction, this unit
must be handled with care and not rotated without the wheel attached to avoid damage.

Steering Wheel Clock Spring
Step 5 – Alignment marks are used as a reference and must be considered
when working with a clock spring.

Steering Wheel Clock Spring Alignment Markers

Step 6 – Locate the clock spring mounting screws.

Clock Spring Mounting Screws
Step 7 – Using a small Torx head or screwdriver remove the mounting screws.

Remove Clock Spring Mounting Bolts
Step 8 – The top plate may need to be moved slightly in either direction
to access all screws.

Turn Top Plate
Step 9 – Once all mounting bolts have been removed gently grasp the clock
spring and pull it from the column shaft. (Note: Some designs have a lower wiring
harness that will need to be disconnected near the bottom of the column before removal.)

Grasp Clock Spring
Step 10 – Using a small pick or screwdriver, release the plastic retainer
clips while pulling the unit outward.

Release Retainer Clips
Step 11 – Gently work the clock spring outward and off from the steering
column shaft.

Removing Steering Wheel Clock Spring
Step 12 – Electrical connectors are attached and located below the unit
to transfer signals and controls to the steering wheel. (Note: This can be a wiring
harness on some models.)

Electrical Connectors
Step 13 – Once removed, inspect the unit for damage, if replacement is
required match the new part to the old, they should match identically.

Steering Wheel Clock Spring Removed
Step 14 – New steering wheel clock spring assembly.

New Steering Wheel Clock Spring
Step 15 – Being mindful of the electrical connectors or wiring harness,
gently lower the new unit into place.

Install New Clock Spring
Step 16 – Continue by pushing the unit into its mounting plate.

Push Steering Wheel Clock Spring
Step 17 – While accessing the mounting screws, gently hand thread them
to avoid cross threading.

Thread Mounting Screws
Step 18 – Evenly tighten the mounting screws (do not over tighten).

Tighten Screws
Step 19 – Complete the job by aligning the alignment markers, the steering
wheel is ready to be re-installed.

Steering Wheel Clock Spring Alignment Markers
Helpful Information

When the clock spring fails it can cause an air bag warning light, horn non-operation,
cruise control and other steering wheel controls operation failure.

How to set the clock on a Mercedes Sprinter 2007-2016

In this guide, you will find instructions on how to set the clock on a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van, 2500, 3500 model years 2007-2016.  The instructions on how to set the clock on a Mercedes-Benz sprinter vary depending on if you have buttons on your steering wheel or not. These guidelines may apply to Dodge Sprinter as well.

Sprinter with steering wheel buttons

Follow these instructions to set the clock if your Sprinter has steering wheel buttons.

  1. Press menu button on the left side of the steering wheel until you see Settings menu in the instrument cluster display.
  2. Press the Up arrow button on the steering wheel to enter the sub menu.
  3. Scroll with the plus and minus buttons on the steering wheel until you see the Clock menu.
  4. Press the up arrow on the steering wheel to enter the Clock/Date menu.
  5. Next, select the Set Clock.
  6. Change the hour and minutes with the plus or minus.

Sprinter Setting the time

Alternative instructions on how to set the time on a Sprinter.

  1. Turn ignition to position II
  2. Press the menu button several times. You should see the clock start to flash.
  3. Press the Plus or Minus buttons on your steering wheel to change the clock.
  4. Next press the reset button once and the minutes should start to flash.
  5. Press the + or – symbols to change the minutes.
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